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Tenant FAQs

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How can I pay my rent? 

We have made it very easy and convenient for you to pay rent by giving you different options and allowing you to automate the whole process.
  1. Pay your rent online with a checking or savings account by logging into your tenant portal at. It is quick, easy, and your payment is recorded with us instantly. If you choose, you can also set up your payment to process automatically on the day of your choice. Best of all this service is free!

  2. Call us at any point and at your convenience. We can process an e-payment over the phone with you by simply verifying the checking or savings account info, your address, and basic personal info. There is a convenience fee for this service.

  3. Set up online Bill Pay through your online banking. 

  4. Mail a check made out to Keyrenter, and send it to our mailing address.

How long after I move out will I get my security deposit back?

Although we have 30 days to return your security deposit, less any applicable deductions, we often have them returned within the first 2-3 weeks.

What are my maintenance responsibilities?

Your lease agreement will outline which responsibilities belong to the property owner and which belong to you.  In most of our lease agreements for detached single family homes, the tenant takes on the majority of non system related maintenance.  Systems (HVAC), larger appliances, plumbing and electrical behind walls, roofs, sprinkler mains, are the responsibility of the owner.  Leaks, clogs (except for sewer mains), broken windows, broken sprinkler heads, small appliances, etc. are the responsibility of the tenant in most situations.

If you ever have a question and would like clarification, feel free to contact your property manager.  Any non-emergency service requests can be submitted through your Tenant Portal, located HERE

Emergency situations (flood, fire, extreme heat or cold, sewer backup) should be called in to our main office number, extension 9.  We have 24/7 maintenance support to take care of you when you need us most.